Great Smell.

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sandra4444 | 18:32 Sun 26th Jun 2022 | Food & Drink
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The homemade bread is cooking and the smell is delightful.
When its cooked and cooled i will open a tin of pink salmon.
No heavy meal today.


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Just a heads up. Many of you may already know about this. But if you don't very useful.

Strong bread flour is becoming short in some supermarkets and shops due i'm told of the war in Ukraine.

The good news is that there is always plenty of plain flour that can be bought cheaply.
But what you need to do to turn it into bread flour is to add " Vital Wheat Gluten" this is only about £2.50 per 500g bag.
You only have to add 25g to every 500g of plain flour, you now have bread flour. Happy baking!!
I smell that bread cooking from here, Sandra.
Pink Salmon? Red, surely...
I can smell that bread also. I miss making my own. Unfortunately wheat makes my joints painful and my stomach bloated, so a rare treat. If I could eat it frequently I'd eat it all and be huge.
Enjoy it!
It is a great smell. They used to cook fadge (soda bread?)every day in the Irish farmhouse. In a peat burning range which is another nice smell. Starving now.
Love the smell and taste of fresh baked bread especially with strawberry jam and clotted cream
I agree about the smell of baking bread but not the pink salmon.
Oh god pink salmon is rank! My nana used to love it
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It ended up being neither red or pink, more like a dirty brown but tasted ok. :) I only had it in for a standby during the lock downs. Normally buy fresh.
I used to occasionally make bread but had to stop because we’d eat the whole loaf in one go. Mmmm, could just enjoy some right now.
Aww Sandra, you could at least have said that I gave you that tip lol.

Did you make the loaf using plain flour with the added Vital Wheat Gluten? What was it like and were you happy with it?

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Great Smell.

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