Where Can I Find Strong Ginger Flavoured Ginger Biscuits?

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Vimto | 10:25 Sun 24th Oct 2021 | Food & Drink
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I have recently tried a packet of Sainsbury's Ginger biscuits and found them fairly bland with none of the "punch" that Ginger biscuits used to have. Can anyone please inform me of where I can obtain the old-fashioned strong, hard Ginger biscuits I recall?


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Why not make your own (as strong as you like);
That recipe looks good Khandro thank you, and lots of comments too giving details of how people modified them to give stronger taste and more hardness etc.

One comment which amused me - "Disappointed, I put them in the oven but they flattened out" - Duh! (The recipe does say spread them apart on the baking tray).
If you have a 'Rington's Tea' van or supplier anywhere in your area, their ginger biscuits are very good. 'Border' biscuits are as well.
Agree with Khandro, make your own .. so easy!
I've made a few batches of gingerbread that called for 2 teaspoons of ginger, I ended up adding six teaspoons in the end which was what was needed.
I would add finely chopped chrystalised ginger for extra texture and flavour. Good for the digestion too.
^^ Absolutely choux, gorgeous!
Before I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia I would always be sucking/chewing ginger, the only thing which gave me any relief.

The medication isn't half as tasty!
Borders do a very nice pack in dark chocolate.
Not to stray too far from the subject, I've been recently drinking infusions of ginger & orange 'tea' bags, the two flavours make a really superb combination. When they are finished I'll try making an infusion myself of boiling water on a slices of orange & ginger root.
Best place by a country mile for Ginger Biscuits is Ringtons. Absolutely delish!
Fortnum and Mason!
The best ones are Aldi's
Cheapest too!
Just bought Border biscuits - hope they are good. Got them in Sainsburys

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Where Can I Find Strong Ginger Flavoured Ginger Biscuits?

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