What Are Some Preventive Measures To Help Control Diabetes?

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vincentronald201 | 07:34 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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I need to know some preventive measures to help control diabetes if anyone knows


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Eat less, move more.
Lower your carbohydrate intake...meaning limit pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. Eat lots of leafy and above ground veg. Limit or cut out sugary foods.
When first diagnosed with Type 2, my dietician recommended i "switch to wholemeal rice, bread and pasta, sweet potatoes rather than ordinary. Cut out the fried stuff. Eat more fruit and veg, cutting down on your portions of meat." If you are able, exercise more - doesn't have to be a sweaty hour in the gym, a nice daily walk will do. Eat 3 regular meals per day. I was never a 'breakfast' person and often went without dinner, but always had a large meal in the evening with 4 rounds of bread. I now have breakfast (porridge or cereal), dinner (fruit or salad in summer, home made soup in winter) and tea (as above). And, when food shopping, take note of the 'traffic light' notifications on most foodstuffs.
Drink less alcohol.
Do you want to prevent it or control it? Your question is not clear
Great help, information and support here:

Official NHS information

Are you Type 1 or 2?

Sensible, basic advice for Type 2 here
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What Are Some Preventive Measures To Help Control Diabetes?

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