Why Does Chinese Food Cause My Blood Sugar To Spike?

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vincentronald201 | 07:33 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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I have Type 2 diabetes and I see when I eat noodles manchoorian and any other chinese food my blood sugar level shoots up. What is the reason and how I can control it?


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Do you have a lot of white rice with your Chinese food?
Could it be because there is a lot of sugar in the Chinese food?
Don't have Diabetes myself, but when I was borderline once, I was told to cut out sugar.
I don't eat Chinese food so am unfamiliar with the ingredients but digging around the internet I see that noodles are high in carbs, soy sauce also contains wheat (carbs), sweet and sour has a lot of sugar, sriracha sauce and chilli sauce has a lot of sugar, too.

You really need to know what you are eating especially if you are not cooking from scratch - the ingredients of that takeaway or restaurant meal. Not always easy to get that information but you shouldn't be eating 'blind'.

If a certain food always spike your sugar levels best to leave it out of your diet altogether.
I have no idea and it is of little consequence if you only have a Chinese meai once or perhaps twice a week.
Who cares if you have a spike now and again?
Control sensibly your routine diet, but don't let Diabetes rule your life.
All sorts of comments have been made about Chinese food,....Could affect your blood sugar....then again it doesn't.
Type2 diabetes is a very personal disease so please don't get bogged down with the minutiae of blood sugar responses to certain foods that are not routine part of your diet.
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Why Does Chinese Food Cause My Blood Sugar To Spike?

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