Halloumi..... How Do You Eat Yours??

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-SharonA- | 13:48 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Food & Drink
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My son has given me a block of this cheese. As a non cheese lover, what can I do with it???


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fried, yummmy
Cut it into slices and grill it or fry it. We have it like this with a sun dried tomato and pine nut salad. (If you are frying it, be sure to dry it well first else it spits).

Or cut into cubes and put it on skewers with lamb koftka and bbq it.
I had no idea what it was until someone answered that it is cheese.

I have never seen or tasted it.
Agree, nice fried.
Give it away x
It's rubbery
My daughter loves it on a burger.
It's the only cheese I couldn't eat. I would bin it!
I'm with pixie, give it to someone who does like cheese.
barry, hope you're not being racist :-))
it's eaten a lot in Greece, I first tasted in Santorini
Re the parallel thread about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - if this word came up in a Question, I would be straight out!
aka squeaky cheese - delicious fried or grilled, with meat.

Do not have a halloumi sandwich ... not so good.
I like the taste, nice and salty, but it squeaks when you chew it and is very rubbery, not a cheese I enjoy.
Grilled halloumi is delicious and eaten mainly as part of a breakfast meal in Cyprus where it originates from.
I would cut it into chunks and treat it like you would paneer. Pan fry until its nice and golden and then throw it in a tomato-based vegetable stew (peppers, onions, etc).

I usually add feta and dill to my version and serve with poached eggs for a healthy but economical meal or with Salmon or any fish of your choice.
My favourite meal in a pub I sometimes go to for lunch is halloumi fish and chips. The halloumi is fried in fish batter and believe me, it is delicious !
Same as Andy, I’ve never eaten it lol
It's a bit tasteless. Paneer is similar and better imo.

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Halloumi..... How Do You Eat Yours??

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