Can Old Cooking Chocolate Still Be Used

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dancecaller | 17:41 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | Food & Drink
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It has a white bloom and won't melt for spreading. Can I do something to make it melt


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What method have you tried, to melt it?
I’d put it in a bowl and micro it for a few seconds, then a few more, and so on, till it’s melted. Keep stirring it too.
Or put it in a bowl over a pan of boiling water till it melts.
The white bloom is harmless....unless it’s mould, which is unlikely.
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I've usually put a square of it on the cake, hot from the oven, and slide it around, and that was enough to melt and spread it. Last time I tried it wouldn't so I put it in the bottom of the oven while cooking the cake this time.
Still no joy. Seems to have changed texture.
Well it'd be easier to spread if melted first.
Ignore the bloom. That's normal and of no consequence.
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Thanks to both of you, I'll try that
Here's some information on bloomin' chocolate...
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Hmm. That article recommends using up eating chocolate with a bloom by melting it. Which is just what mine refuses to do. Won't melt in the microwave either. It has changed somehow, lost something. I can chop it up to a powder, but it just won't melt. Ended up slicing the cake and sandwiching the bits in the middle.
yes it is either shug-shug
or crystallised cocoa butter

(or martian fairy dew)

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Can Old Cooking Chocolate Still Be Used

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