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ummmm | 06:47 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | Food & Drink
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Are they any good?

Just bought one for my daughter as she's on a diet. Can anything be cooked in them?


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I’ve just replaced mine, having used it constantly for the past 3 years. Best gadget I ever bought. I live on my own and never use my main oven now. She should have a book with it telling temperatures for foods. Chips with just a dash of oil are lovely. I use mine for more or less everything and have adapted recipes to use in it. Just tell her to thoroughly clean it each time, particularly after cooking chicken, sausages or chops in it otherwise she will get a lot of smoke coming out of it.
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Thank you, Rip, I bought a mid-range one. If she gets on with it she can upgrade it and give that one to her brother :-)
Someone casually strolling by and noticing this might think 'That's a bit cart before the horse, spending money then asking if it's any good'.

Have to dash, off for a bikini wax, I'll be back afterwards to ask what to expect.

There should be a recipe bok with the fryer.
couldn't stand it - now lies at the back of shed - can't even give it away as no one wants it.
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Douglas - if it was for me I would have asked first but she wanted one.
Which one do you have, JJ? They are still very popular so I don't know why you can't give yours away

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Air Fryer...

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