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Air Fryers,Another Question!

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NoseyNose | 23:48 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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If I buy an air fryer,do ready meals(both chilled & frozen) have cooking times/temps for them on the cooking instructions?

I have made an extensive net search at Tesco, Sainsbury,Asda,and Waitrose.Very few of their details online seem to have air fryer temperatures & times,on the packets/boxes.

Will this change with the increasing number of persons with air fryers.If not cooking this way will be confusing. Thank You Guys.



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Probably, but a microwave is even cheaper to use than an air fryer if you only want to reheat ready meals and the instructions are there on the packet of suitable 

Most ready meals are prepared for oven or microwave cooking. Air fryers are geared more towards fresh meats and potatoes that would be cooked in fats/oils

Probably not yet, but it's early days and the highly processed ready meal manufacturers need to be convinced it's worth their while sticking detailson the box.


Meanwhile plenty of experienced users give guidance on the Net.

Gordon, there are a few things you shouldn't put in an air fryer.

Here's a link to some of them and a few tips.

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Thank You all,


I think I shall stick to the microwave.


So there ARE things that you cannot cook in an air fryer,despite the hype.

Thanks for the info.

There was a programme on C5 at 9pm last night about air fryers which put me off buying one completely,  did you see it, Gordon?

my air fryer is in my eyes just the equivalent of a mini fan oven, therefore i would just use the fan oven instructions, but take afew mins and few degrees off

As with any emerging technology best to just suck it and see.

I have seen air-fryer instructions on a few things - but only on those that are suitable for air-frying (not surprisingly!).

Why would you want to air-fry ready're simply re-heating them, not cooking them.

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Yes,I did see the programme,and yes(like you) it finally put me off getting an air fryer.Some meals on the programme seemed to be an awful fiddle,and some didn't cook that much quicker than a standard fan oven.

I shall go on with the microwave,and my fan assisted oven.

Thank You.

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I was asking because they say that air fryers cook quicker than a standard fan oven.I know nothing about them,so I was just being inquisitive (but dumb?LOL)in thinking that ready meals would cook quicker in one.

Thanks anyway.

Wait until you've been living in your new flat for a while before buying kitchen gadgets.  

You might find you get on just fine with what you already have and know.

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Very wise words,I shall heed them!


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Air Fryers,Another Question!

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