Black Skinned Avocados

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pastafreak | 12:09 Sun 11th Apr 2021 | Food & Drink
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Something I've never seen before. I picked some up yesterday in Aldi. I knew they weren't over ripe...compared the the Hass variety next to them.

Here's some info about them...anyone else try them?


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No, not tried them...but not an avocado lover, in general.
In a similar vein, if you buy (rather than grow) your tomatoes, do try Marmonde variety...pricey but excellent (very fleshy inside with little liquid).
Shouldn't that be 'avocados of colour'?
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I wish I could grow tomatoes, but I live in a maisonette...and building management doesn't allow anything on our balconies /walkways that might cheer the prison like exterior they aim for.

brainiac...I just *knew* someone would say that! ;)
Glad to oblige :)
Avocados (of any race or colour) should be prohibited from sale for consumption by humans.
i love avocados, only had the black skinned ones once. they seem smaller?
I tried one, tasteless!
I usually respect New Judge's posts for their intelligent and informed content. On this subject he is just so completely wrong.
I'm trying to spot every occurrence that mentions avocados on AB, Hoppy, and start a campaign to have them declared an illegal product. :-) :-)
i like them, especially during the summer, great with salad

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Black Skinned Avocados

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