Gnocchi, Peas And Ham Hock

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Vagus | 18:16 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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With creme fraiche and Dijon mustard stirred through it. Took 10 minutes to assemble and now just needs 25 minutes in the oven.
Must be one of the quickest and easiest recipes yet and is from the book Pasta recommended a few weeks ago...thanks Pasta!


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"Pasta recommended a few weeks ago" why did you use gnocchi instead?
Question Author
Ha ha?? Ginge, go and have another drink... ;)
Spuds spuds spuds :-)

I'm having salmon fillet, crushed and then roasted little spuds, leeks mixed with peas....hollandaise sauce.

I'm cooking sausage, mash and beans for the lunches tomorrow.

I have a delivery coming soon so am trying to off load food...
Ham hock only needs 25 minutes?
It made me laugh ;)
That sounds good. I've got a pack of gnocchi in the cupboard for when I decide to have a carb binge.
Sounds nice, 'er indoors is knocking something up tonight (her turn) and I am not allowed in the kitchen!
Oh...and tonight I'm having chicken livers and shallots in creme fraiche with either parsnip puree or cauli rice.
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Tilly, it’s shredded ham hock, which you can buy in packs like boiled ham.
I’d eat spuds till I burst, I love them any which way they come.
And in case alava is looking in, Ive added fennel to the shopping list, again, but am determined to use it this time instead of letting it rot away at the back of the veg drawer in the fridge... :(
Macaroni cheese with a fried egg for me
Second half on my Indian Lamb tray bake (Ta to Mr Tesco) and some greens.
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Interesting combination bednobs....
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Is that a ready meal from Tesco mamy, or one of their recipes?
They had oven roasted ham with a brown sugar and cinnamon glaze, crispy potatoes (they were meant to be crispy, they weren’t over cooked) and broccoli cheese (the kids don’t like cauliflower). I’ll have some ham, scalloped potatoes and a bit of salad later.
Is it unusual to have a fried egg wit it?
It's in their Meal Deal for 2 - Mains/side/dessert//drink - £10.

I treat myself sometimes.
We're getting an Indian delivered this evening off Just Eat. Haven't had a delivery since last year I think. Fancied a change.
We are having an Indian as well, but going out to a restaurant.
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Dunno to be honest bednobs, I’ve never had macaroni cheese but I assumed it was a meal in itself.
Ive ordered a supermarket Indian meal box with a few extras for click and collect next Monday. Makes a nice change.
Never had macaroni cheese? where have you been living?

Easy to make yourself and I have an adult version with leeks, bacon and cherry toms - and chipotle added....

Tonight, a thick pork chop, seared off, some shallots added too and then into a dish with par-boiled potato wedges, mushrooms and bird's eye chillis/rosemary across the pork - and into the oven for 20-25 mins @180 fan, served with steamed fine green beans, thin asparagus and mangetout......
We are having grilled sausages, garlic fondant baby potatoes and home-made coleslaw. Tarte Tatin with creme fraiche for afters and a nice bottle of jam shed shiraz, that wine only common people with no taste drink -yummy!

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Gnocchi, Peas And Ham Hock

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