Fresh Farm Eggs.

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Georgiesmum | 11:57 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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How long do fresh farm eggs stay fresh for at room temperature please?


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Depends how "fresh" they were at time of purchase and how they were stored.
(I bought "fresh" eggs direct from the farm years ago - and half of them were really badly "off"....never again!)
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NNo, these are really freshm straight from the farm and he is selling them as quickly as they are laid.
Like any perishable foodstuff, the cooler the storage temperature, the longer things keep "fresh" ie good condition.
Which is why supermarket eggs are labelled "refrigerate after purchase". (And I'm not getting involved in the perennial "should you keep eggs in the fridge" debate.)
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Thank you both for your replies.x
Take a look at the sell by dates on commercial eggs in the supermarket -usually about 3 weeks.
I personally would not keep them at room temperature as the modern home is far too warm to leave eggs out. I have a cool pantry where I keep them, otherwise I would say the fridge is the best place for them -or in a garage/garden shed.
I always do a ‘float’ test if my eggs are getting near to sell by date, usually around 3 weeks from purchase.
I have never kept eggs in the fridge and they keep perfectly fresh for the two weeks or so it takes me to eat them. It must be years since I had a bad egg.
Fresh farm eggs are too delicious to last in our home!

I Love eggs! And farm fresh tastes far better.

I eat at least one egg every day - sometimes 2 or 3 !

(And btw my cholesterol is just fine!)
yes eve, that dietary cholesterol thing has been disproved.
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Yes, the last report I heard was that you can safely eat up to six a week. It used to be less.
I never keep eggs in the fridge and I exceed the "use by/best before" date if necessary. No problems ever.
Husband is of an older generation and still goes by his old mother’s and aunties’ beliefs that that you get ‘egg bound’ if you eat too many eggs.

I am not a fan of chucking food out when it is just past the printed sell-by date. But I’d had some eggs sitting around for a while, did the floating test and got rid of them. (Husband is old, as I said ;) Don’t want to make him ill. )

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Fresh Farm Eggs.

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