Yogurt Out Of The Fridge

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Biccylova | 14:31 Tue 12th Sep 2017 | Food & Drink
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I mix Greek yogurt with chopped up fresh fruit for my oh to have for brekky, but he don't like things strait out of the fridge, would it be ok to leave it out overnight so it would be room temperature in the morning? also I got a big bucket type pot of yogurt thinking it would last the week out but it says on the pot to eat within 3 days after opening, need I worry about this?


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If there is a coolish place in your kitchen it should be fine in a container overnight.

I buy litre buckets of yoghurt and they last me well over a week no problem.
I haven't even got a fridge but I have no problem keeping yoghurt for several days.
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Thanks, that has put my mind at rest, I would hate to give him food poisoning.
Buenchico - how on earth do you manage without a fridge? I know it can be chilly in East Anglia but........
I bet Buen wishes he had a pound for every time he's been asked that :-)
For those of us who live alone often 'consume within x days ' is impossible
Marketing con?
Smaller packs, go without or throw away?
Have not poisoned myself yet
Single consumers are being ripped off
My mother never had a fridge until I was 14. We still managed to keep milk cool and didn't die of food poisoning.

Apart from making milk last a bit longer (so that I wouldn't have to throw any away) I struggle to think of why I might need a fridge. It certainly wouldn't be to keep cheese in as, like the French, I know that cheese should NEVER go anywhere near a fridge! (If you go into a bar in France and ask for a blue cheese baguette, the cheese is ALWAYS taken out of an unrefridgerated cupboard, where it will have been for several days. It should be a CAPITAL OFFENCE to consume any cheese which hasn't been left unrefridgerated for at least THREE days, with a minimum of TEN days being far, far better!!!)
I totally agree with you about the cheese! We didn't have a fridge when I was a kid but we didn't have central heating either. We had a cold pantry. Times have changed and I prefer the fridge and central heating!

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Yogurt Out Of The Fridge

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