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Smowball | 09:49 Tue 12th Sep 2017 | Food & Drink
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I always order this with my Tesco online shopping. Couldn't find it anywhere this week, just wouldn't come up in search. Contacted them and they've discontinued it! Does anybody know where else freely stocks this? I can hardly make our favourite Bucatini all'Amatriciana without, erm, bucatini lol. Isn't the same with spaghetti.


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A quick search shows Waitrose as a stockist.
Don't know how up to date this is

PS Sainsbury's are also saying 'currently not available'
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Ahh I drive past a Waitrose tomorrow so I'll have a peek - thanks both of you.
Strange that Sainsbury's says out of stock too..
Have you tried Amazon?
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Didn't even think of Amazon(that's very expensive though!)
Yeah...but if you search you'd prob find it cheaper. I just posted the first one I found.
I've never tried it but would be interested in your recipe :-)
Perhaps the spaghetti tree harvest has failed again?
according to mysupermarket Asda do it £1.45 a pack xx
You have to watch Tesco,they're constantly removing items and then in about six months time the item reappears labelled "new" and about a third extra in price.
The good thing with Tesco if you shop online is you can save your orders so you can check prices against previous orders.

I'm really ignorant when it comes to prices. I couldn't tell you how much a pint of milk cost or a loaf of bread. I do check meat and fish though.
I fail to see why bucatini is so essential to this recipe - it's a dead simple sauce that would work fine with any pasta.
She explained in her OP!
Personal preference perhaps?

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