Fancy Your Dinner On These 'plates'

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DTCwordfan | 14:51 Tue 12th Sep 2017 | Food & Drink
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Personally, I don't see why I should eat my meal from something that has come off a building site or out of a builder's supplier.

Or this....

Any examples/experiences yourself?


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This should appeal to you DTC - yeah ?...
17:30 Tue 12th Sep 2017
As it so happens, I'm serving Arancini a lá sweaty trainer for dinner tonight.
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or this....

ok for a kid, I guess.

No thanks, NoM, no foot fetish here.
A pub near me serves a mixed grill on a shovel, with bread in a flat cap.
The pint glass in your link is a cottage pie - I hate the trend.
Bring back plates and dishes.
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yep, the foam the mash and the beer the gravy. I agree, hc, too gimmicky, food on slate or a plank of wood, perhaps but a ruddy brick - pleeeeeze.
I think the mini trolley is quite cute but the rest is pretentious crap.
Not for me, too many looked like an accident had taken place.

I do have a confession though - I once priced up some mini chip baskets for serving fries, never actually bought them though.
I like my meals served on a plate and only a plate. These are far too pretentious !
Those mini chip baskets let the chips get cold too quickly - and they must be a faff to clean and store
I blame the flipping cooking programmes.

Once had steak and chips with trimmings on a wooden board, did't make the food taste any better.
Oh surely some of those have got to be a wind up? I mean , how would most restaurant kitchens even have the room to store all those bricks, trolleys, crates etc! Madness lol.
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I've had slate, marble and polished wood (like a beech) but, I agree, some of this is mind-boggling....I must make a note to have my wake served in a coffin.....
I hate those 'sizzler' hot plate things that keep cooking the food. I like my steak rare not frazzled
Mamy...I so want those chip baskets.
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I hate copper serving lamps at breakfast, splits the hollandaise for an eggs benedict
Pretentious, over-priced (no doubt) nonsense.
I know Ummmm, I think it brings out the Doll's House collector side of me.

Also looked at mini gravy boats but they were way too small for my lot.
hc - and the food looks a mess.

What is it with stacking food?
It does look a mess. :(
I'm sorry but if a restaurant served me a meal like some of those I would send it back and ask for it to be put on a proper plate!

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Fancy Your Dinner On These 'plates'

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