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sengas | 10:25 Fri 19th May 2017 | Food & Drink
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Please being a sloppy person I have looked into my microwave and seen spattered bits of food mainly rice all hardened into the top .
Any thoughts on the matter would be super.


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Clean it and don't be so sloppy in the future is my suggestion.
i find a portion of curried beef goes well with rice

Turn the machine upside down, and then you should only have rice on the bottom. Alternatively, taking care, remove the top and using a clean brush, scrub the rice off the top and remove from the microwave, although as a sloppy person, I doubt you will wish to take this option. :) Just nip down to Curry's and treat yourself to a new one.
PS, I notice, in your general sloppiness, you have omitted a "R" out of your title question. Have a check in the roof of your microwave and see if that's where it may be hiding?!
...and, when it's been cleaned, cover and vent containers to prevent it happening again.
Is it affecting how it cooks ?

I don't think I'd turn mine upside down, the glass table would fall and break !
Sengy this is a great tip for cleaning your micro - put a bowl of boiling water with detergent ie fairy liquid in. Set it for about 2-3 mins or more depends. Inside of micro will be covered with soapy water - clean and the micro will be like a new one.
Lemon juice I've heard is a good cleaner/softener. But put a lid on food in future, a small plate or you can get purpose made covers. Wipe over door and inside after every use.
Meant to say put lemon juice in a container and put in micro for a few minutes.

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