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anagram | 11:09 Wed 14th Sep 2005 | Food & Drink
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Can anyone tell me what was the first frozen food to be sold in Britain?


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My bet would be icecream

yup, the italians in the 1890's Birdseye didn't start selling in the US until 1930.


Of course if you call ice a food then much earlier

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Thanks Woofgang but the question really related to freezer foods,I should've worded my question better.

It was a pub quiz question,the quizmaster said the answer was asparagus,which we all found hard to believe and as he hadn't written the questions himself he couldn't verify the answer. The teams taking part had all answered either frozen peas or fish fingers. I googled, unsuccessfully, for the answer and was hoping someone on here could help.

Hi  anagram  might you drop Birds Eye an e-mail directly?   They may well be able to clarify this poser!!!  I like the teams would of chosen peas.
I would have said fish, peas were'nt the first thing that Clarence froze
I'd suggest the first ever frozen food (Ice cream not really entering my "food" definition):

Fish Fingers.


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Frozen food

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