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What Are You Having...

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ethandron | 16:35 Sat 31st Jan 2015 | Food & Drink
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...for your evening meal?
We don't often have these threads anymore, I used to like them as they gave me some inspiration when I was stuck or fed up of the same old same old.
I've just made a gigantic vat of chilli, it's currently bubbling away in the oven.


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//I had octopus, garlic and cheese sandwiches the other evening.//

c'mon, tell more

tony, you need some nourishing chicken soup inside you
Upset stomach, Daisy.

sloopy, I know your right but I'm scared to right now.
You have my sympathy Tony. Cold toast is a good start.
in the absence of home made, nice tin of Baxter's Cock a Leekie'll do you the power of good -or scrambled eggs on your dry toast

chicken, chorizo and veg roast here btw
chicken, chorizo and veg roast here btw

Ok Ok, stop taking the pee ;-)

Thanks for the advice though, sloopy. I'm a bit more leeky than cocky at the mo though.
deffo eggs with the toast then, if you can't stand 'em strangled, eggs and soldiers, lots of salt on the eggs - you know it makes sense...
Mmmm, boiled eggs and soldiers sound appealing, sloopy.
of course it does...

...look into my eyes ;x)
I just had ham and cheese sandwich with cup of tea - I doubt that will inspire anyone :( I can never decide what to have for any meal so just pick something simple like that
...look into my eyes ;x)

Oh gawd, not the hypothesis again !.
Sounds ok to me, ducksie.
roasted belly of pork (great crispy bits), roasted hogs pudding, red cabbage and onion sauce at one of the locals, followed by an Irish coffee (proper one).

Adam's Ale now.....
well if you don't eat something, it will be the be the flippin' hypothesis, won't it?!

Yep, tony, in terms of pounds off......I'm drinking out now but not at home, unless the mater drives me mad enough to open a red wine...
Well done, DT. Don't let mater drive you mad ! ( easier said than done though I know ).
Sorry to hear you're not well, Yont. No pork scratchings for a while, then?
Well not tonight anyway, Yilly. More importantly though, no beer either :-(
Oh, dear. Do you have the winter vomiting thingy?
dry February then?

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