I need the help of some vegetarians please, just your comments, should I change anything?

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merciasounds | 13:54 Mon 22nd Mar 2010 | Food
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I've been asked to do a celebratory meal for a vegetarian (NOT vegan) couple for their 25th Wedding anniversary. This is the menu I've planned, would you add, or change it in any way?

fan of three types of iced melon with lemon and ginger

Large portabello mushroom stuffed with a herby garlicky stuffing including smoked tofu, and pine nuts, served with baby roast potatoes, and red cabbage with raisins and sherry vinegar (that has been requested so is nion-negotiable!)

Pud either a raspberry swirl cheesecake, or fruit kebabs (big black grapes, chunks of banana, kiwi, peach, pineapple, strawberries and pear to dip into a luxury chocolate sauce with Malibu liqueur

Vegetarian cheeseboard with crackers and grapes,

Irish coffee, port, liqueurs/cognac


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I'm a veggie and the menu seems excellent apart from the tofu. Not too sure about that. What time do I have to be there?
I was vegetarioan for 14years, and the menu sounds lovely. I know what Janbee means about the tofu, it must be firm and full of flavour but I'm sure you know what you're doing!
Hope it all goes well :-)
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Tofu is soya bean curd, i get it fresh from my local health food store, they do a soft, firm and a smoked firm variety. I've used the firm in curries before now and it is excellent, also a great medium for taking on other flavours yu add to it, like spices herbs or garlic.
It';s only a suggestion but how about fresh raspberries and cream in a chocolate roulade?
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they don't like chocolate I can't do a roulade
Your menu seems really lovely. Hope all goes well with it. Let us know, Good luck.
Sounds fantastic wish jugglering was around she would have loved this
The fruit kebab thingy sounds lovely! Definitely go with that one.
I'm not a vegetarian and I think that sounds lovely.
Sounds lovely,especially the chocolate and strawberries (a perfect twosome) but I must agree about the tofu.I'm not over fond of it.I'd prefer a cheese 'perhaps a mild goats cheese with my mushroom.
Just being over-critical (it's all fine really) but if you have a fruit starter then maybe the fruit pudding is too much.I'd much prefer a warm starter if I was ordering one,or maybe some really good bread and marinated olives...mmm ...god I'm hungry!
Hi, I'm a veggie and im going to disagree a bit with what others have said.

With a fruit based pud (and it does sound very nice) and with grapes with your cheeseboard, I think you should have something other than fruit for your starter.
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hey Richard that's what I said.i agree with sprinter-I hate ginger,but what's this,cheese before puds?
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good ol sprinter53, voice of reason. mind you it depends on your social class. i never heard of cheese after pud, not until i had a short career as a waiter some years back. most meals i used to serve usually had a cheeseboard after pud. then if things were even posher, cigars also.

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I need the help of some vegetarians please, just your comments, should I change anything?

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