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bravejordy | 17:53 Mon 12th May 2008 | Food
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Does anyone remember McVities Gypsy Cream biscuits and are they still available anywhere?

I remember when they first came out in the late 60s/early 70s they were in a brown box. They were absolutely delicious. I can even still remember the TV advert. Sadly they disappeared after a while but I do recall them reappearing for a while in the mid 90s and they were in a rollwrap instead of a box. Again they disappeared without a trace.

I wrote to McVities in 2005 to enquire whether they were still available. Long story short, they replied and assured me they would be going into production the following year. But here I am, three years on and still no sign of my beloved Gypsy Creams. Then I got to wondering if it was maybe just my neck of the woods (Wirral) that they weren't available in.

Or does anyone know where I can get Gypsy Creams from (even if they're not the McVities brand)?

BTW, Fox's Crunch Creams resemble GCs but taste nothing like them.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. Yes, they were part of United Biscuits when I wrote to them three years ago. To be fair, their letter seemed genuine enough and surely if they didn't intend to make these biscuits again they could've simply said they don't currently have plans to produce Gypsy Creams.

What amazes me is that Gypsy Creams were very popular. Even in recent years I've heard them mentioned in numerous TV soaps and shows (although not by brand name, obviously). Even the late Richard Whiteley always use to mention them on Countdown.

I was reading somewhere that Mars are planning to relaunch their "Snickers" bar under its original name of "Marathon". I'm not sure why but I think it has something to do with a nostalgia-related promotion. So now might be a good time for me to write to United Biscuits again (who knows, they might decide to follow suit)... Surely I can't be the only one who misses Gypsy Creams?

I last saw these about 10 years ago and they were called Romany creams!!! I suppose they thought it was politically incorrect to call them gypsy creams any more!!!

Hi to the Wirral - we used to live in Eastham.
According to a query in Saturday's Telegraph : " They are now called Romany Cremes and are available,at �1.75 for 200gm, by mail order from ; 020 8367 4983 "
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Thanks everyone for all your help, much appreciated. ;)

Hi spudqueen, I live in Birkenhead but have a couple of friends who recently moved to Eastham.

Thanks for the web address and phone number, pasta. I'm also trying to find Graham Crackers because I'm dying to make some smores. Sadly they don't seem to sell them here in the UK. Just wondering if you knew of any British biscuits that come close to Graham Crackers that perhaps I could use in their place?

There are several UKsuppliers of American products on the web.....I will have a look and see what I can find. Graham crackers,huh?...yum-not had them in ages!!
Here is one source: -tho it looks like it may be wholesale only.
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Thanks pasta, you truly are a star! ;)
Hi there,
You can't get gypsy creams any more but if you look on this website : you'll find their twins! They are called Romany creams and come from South Africa but you can buy them here in the uk from bokkefoods. Happy munching!!!!
I realise coming to this late in the day, but I have been looking for the same Gipsy Creams as well. During the 90's myself and friends went through an unhealthy ammount and I am desperate to source them again.

Well I may be able to throw some light on the matter (a little), I work in the haulage industry and just so happen to be collecting from United Biscuits (formerly McVities) @ Tollcross in Glasgow. Before collecting I called and spoke to the warehouse manager to arrange times etc...then I got talking about GC, anyway he told me that they stopped making them in Glasgow around 4-5 years ago, but they are still in production in their Carlisle depot. He also told me that me is pretty sure they are available at their on site store for employee's only. He wasn't aware they weren't available to buy anywhere at all any more. But did welcome me to appear at their store any time to enquire.

A couple of possible answers may be they are being produced at Carlisle for export only, but also under a different name. The other may well be that the animal feed industry is possibly paying more for them, than any of the supermarkets. The goods I collect have a shelf life of over 12 months, still in date, but all go to animal feed, so possibly the same with these. Who knows.......
I can remember gypsy creams, although I have just tried Foxs golden crunch and they are very similar to the old gypsy creams, which disappeared in the Leicestershire area around the late 70s. I can remember them from when I was a girl and first started work in the 60s I wish I knew what had happened to this wonderful buscuit.
There's a recipe to make your own Gypsy Creams at this site: http://www.biscuit-re...k/Gypsy%20Creams.html
The nearest I've found to Gypsy Creams is at Aldi - Belmont Chocolate Fudge Creams - almost, but not quite
I don't think I ever tasted a Gypsy Cream, but there are two biscuits that I miss from my younger days. The first was Kemp's Choc-O-Lait, which was an oblong biscuit with chocolate on one side, no childhood party was complete for me unless there was a big plateful of Choc-O-Lait alongside the trifles and cakes. They disappeared for a while when Kemps went out of business, then re-appeared for a few years under a different makers name (can't remember which one it was) before vanishing again.
The other biscuits I used to eat by the packetful were Jacob's Crunch. They were a square -shaped biscuit, crisp and crunchy in texture (hence the name :D ) and completely covered in chocolate. During my teens (which was rather a long time ago I must admit) I always kept a packet handy when I was doing my homework (I swore to my mother that they helped me to think better, LOL) but like Choc-O-Lait biscuits they vanished from the shops many years ago. I've tasted hundreds of other chocolate biscuits over the years, but nothing else tastes the same :(
I used to work at the United Biscuits factory in Tollcross Glasgow in the late sixties. Before working there Gypsy Creams used to be a favourite of mine!!. But after finding out what went into them, I would never eat them again!!. The ovens were on a conveyor and biscuit dough dropped down from a HOPPER onto a roller where it would be shaped before slowly going into oven conveyor. They came out the other end cooked. There were several huge hopper/oven machines and made all different biscuits. Unfortunately some dough would inevitably land on floor around the ovens and be trodden underfoot. This was scraped up by a worker using a contraption that resembled a sweeping brush but with a scraper on end. He would go round all the different machine scraping dough off floor and scooping it up and putting it into the gypsy cream hopper as this was the only one with DARK dough so would not show up!!! I never ate a gypsy cream again. Maybe thats why they were discontinued. Health and Safety perhaps.
Belfast.. I loved those biscuits! Coconut flavoured crumbly mouthfuls of magic... Where are they now???
Found these today in a Tesco Sweet Biscuit Assortment (plastic tray of biccies in a red wrapper). Unfortunately it had only 2 of them. They were labelled as Romany Creams and have the Oreo-like design etched into the biscuit.

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