I'm having a BBQ. Do you have any ideas for a dessert?

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sweet~teen | 17:45 Wed 22nd Aug 2007 | Food
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I'm having a BBQ for about 45 people.I don't want the boring old burgers and sausages so have found some really good ideas for the main course.However I can't find anything for dessert.Have you any ideas for something delicious I could serve for dessert? I would like it to be hot and cooked on the barbaque if possible but if you have a really good idea for a cold dessert I would like to know that too.Thanks xxx


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Wrap some bananas in foil after slitting them down the length and adding some chocolate buttons and cook for around 5 mins to warm through

You could cook bananas in their skins too

Apples in foil or on a skewer?

yep it called a askinfoodsectioncake. Its lovely. lol
BBQ cold pud - get loads of frozen fruit - place in a blender with rum. Any kids? make some without the alcohol...Whizz and serve in cups / bowls with fresh ginger snaps to add a crunch -

BBQ hot - make up skewers of fruit, dribble over with rum and honey to baste and gently warm / bbq to heat through. Serve with double cream with something like Kahlua or Malibu whipped in....

and try the Q in Food section too.....
This should be in food & drink!!
ive seen lots of similar Qs with great answers and recipes
on the food section
Being Russian you may not know that in england near enough every mushroom and fungus ball is edible. Go to the woods and pick as many different types you can find. Chop them up and BBQ in one big mound.

Also whilst in the woods find a berry known as Deadly Night Shade. The reason it is called such is because they are simply dead gorgeous.

Make a sweet sauce from the berries and serve over the wild mushrooms. Simply delicious, and all you guests will thank you.
I'd pay to see her/him eat that minter
Why is the word 'obsession' flitting through my mind.
It's ok to be obsesed with me whiffey, I'm not afraid!!
do you john and shadow man get on now ? was it you 2 that use to row lol
johnlambert, with all the trimmings!

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I'm having a BBQ. Do you have any ideas for a dessert?

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