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starone | 13:50 Tue 10th Jan 2012 | Drinks
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A friend has invited me to lunch at her home (to see her new kitchen). I want to take a gift for her and I know she likes wine, white or rose (can't do the accent). I have no idea about wine at all. Can one of you kind people tell me which brand to buy? I contemplate spending between ten and fifteen pounds. Is that enough?


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For a white, you can get a decent Pouilly Fouse (excuse the spelling) for around £12-£15 . Are there any good wine shops near you?........
For that price, you won`t go wrong with Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume. You could go for a New Zealand Sauvigion as well
One recommendation for you Starby !!

2007 Cono Sur Gewürztraminer 13.5%vol, Chile (£5.99; Booths, Majestic, Sainsbury's, Waitrose) From the Bío-Bío Valley, a scrumptious gewurz to give Alsace a run for its money, not that you'd be able to find one of such fine quality at such a low price. It's everything it should be, with heady aromas and fresh, vibrant, spicy fruit. Rich and full in the mouth, it has a crisp, off-dry finish.
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I was hoping to get it in Asda or the Co-op or Tesco. Can't think of any wine shops around here. Mind you, I have never had cause to look before so there might be one in the shopping centre. I shall have a look, armed with your information. Thanks a lot.
£10 -£15 is more than enough to buy a really good wine.
Co-op, Asda have plenty of good ones
Tesco do a good wine selection. If they like white then a Sancerre is sure to go down well.
i'd buy a bottle of fizz as it's a gift. all the supermarkets sell nice fizz for around the price you want to pay, you don't have to shell out for 'proper' champagne and most people enjoy fizz.
For that money you should be able to get reasonable Cava or Prosecco from an actual wine shop, certainly get good wine from supermarket.
...and you're not really looking for a brand. You're looking for a grape-type and a country/area that it is grown.
...and, if you have a Waitrose handy, it's by far the best supermarket to look for something good.
For a nice rose, get a bottle of white zinfandel.
Blossom Hill do a lovely wine and it is sweetish.
Sancerre, a Chablis Premier Cru, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc would all go down well, I suspect.
Rose D'Anjou or cabernet D'Anjou, both v good, cabernet slightly more expensive - it's what the French drink.
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Fizz suits most, you can get TWO bottles of Ros'e Cava in Tesco's for that price & jolly good it is too.

Why not go the whole hog and get a bottle or two of Chateau Petrus...2002 was a good year a half case of the 1999 vintage will cost about £7800
and on that note SS I'll go to bed and dream of what I would do with that £7.800, z z z z z z zzz...

Moulin des Dames, Bergerac white, between £12 and £20 depending on the year. Probably one of the very best whites I have ever tasted.
Hi Starbuck. I don't know how I missed this thread.

You cannot go wrong with a Sancerre or NZ Sauv. Waitrose do a Slovenian Sauv which is simply stunning, called Puklavec & Friends and is priced at £8.99. For the same price you can pick up a Palacio de Borneos Verdejo which I can highly recommend.

However, one of my favourites is The Boulders Californian Viognier and is available at the Co-op for £5.99.
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