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How Do I Tell My Mum This?

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abbeylee90 | 19:21 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Just I can't afford to pay back what I owe so what do I do and how I do tell her?


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Just tell her, see what she says, and follow the conversation on. She might want you to pay a small amount each month.

You sit down and tell her everything.  It's the only way - unless you want to show her all your posts on AB. 

She might be angry but hopefully the two of you will find a way to make things somewhat better than they are now.  

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She has said before about £100 per month also my auntie seen me earlier and told her I said I had an interview 

How much do you owe her, Abbey?

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Abbey - you'll get the same answer from me as I have given you before...... honesty is the best policy. I know others said much the same.  I've wondered at the amount of cash you seem to have to spend.

I'm assuming it is your mum to whom you owe the money so you just have to own up that you owe it to her and admit that you have been spending your money on the wrong things - that last 'bottomless brunch' for instance.

You must promise (and mean it) to stop spending money you don't have and to pay off debts before you spend any more.  

I don't know how much you owe, but you should sit down with your mum, look at the figures honestly and agree a way for you to pay off your debt to her - then stick to it as the most  important thing.

She'll be upset and annoyed at first I expect, but if you work out an agreement and stay with it she will forgive you in theend I'm sure.

^^^ Obviously I wrote  that before I knew the amount owing.

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She will be upset with me also not in care home

Abbey, it's not just the 'I'm not in the care home any more' bit that will upset and disappoint your mum - it's the fact that you have  been lying to her and hiding things from her for so long. You have been so, so unfair for such a long time, wouldn't you rather get things cleared and sorted?

Abbey, could you use some of the money you made from Vinted to repay some of the debt? Could you have another sort out of your wardrobe and see if you could get more money coming in? I'm sure that your mum would appreciate you making an effort, any kind of effort, even if you can't clear the whole sum right away.

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Yes and I feel bad lying but she was funny with me last time I didn't have a job 

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I've put more stuff on vinted

In future, Abbey, I would suggest you try not to borrow from your Mum or anyone else - pay for things you can afford and don't go overboard - repayments mount up and it becomes more difficult to keep on top of things.

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I think she is off with me but didn't say anything earlier 

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I wanna go councilling 

standing for election?

Or do  you want to arrange some counselling? For debt or for mental health issues?

Abbey, parents always want the best for their children - and FROM their children! Your mum's had an awful lot of 'Abbey blips' to deal with, it'd be lovely if you could change that, make disappointments a thing of the past.

PS What would you expect from counselling ?

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Well then I make it worse telling her.

To help with mental health issues.

But Abbey, you told us this month that she knows where you are working now. 

Does she think you're at the care home and the laundry? 

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Care home just

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