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How Do I Tell My Mum This?

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abbeylee90 | 19:21 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Just I can't afford to pay back what I owe so what do I do and how I do tell her?


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Abbey, I do notice that you say very little about your job at the laundry so take it that you must be fairly happy there - you don't complain about the work, other members of staff, etc.  At other jobs, you have usually complained about one thing or another.

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It's ok but not what I want to do like wasn't complaining about care home until they dropped my hours. Would they have got funny there if I said I'm going to look for another full time job?

Abey, as has been said to you before, looking back is pretty pointless.

PS The care home might have been delighted if you'd said you were looking for a full-time job. They might have felt they didn't need to cut back your hours, just let you go!

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So why didn't they get rid of me

they as good as did.  didnt they give you makework to do?

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From the start I mean not cut my hours

Abbey. care homes always have problems getting staff, but it suited them to have you doing the part time job, doing the stairs or whatever it was. They'd know, too, that you would probably leave soon - not many people can afford to work such few hours. I think you misread them completely, you said you were thinking of telling them you'd leave if they didn't give you your hours back!

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I know carers they do ok for just don't seem to keep cleaners. Yes as they asked do I have a mortage.

Abbey, back to your main question... have you decided how, and when, you're going to tell your mum about your financial problems? 

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Neva no I don't know how and where to start

The longer you put it off, the worse it'll get. I know people keep saying this to you, and I don't think you have any intentions of following it up... but the truth is a good place to start. (The truth, the unvarnished truth, about the various problems and setbacks you've had that.)

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I do want to but where to start and how to word it

Abbey read through the answers of the people on here.  They are giving you advice on what to say to your mum.  This thread as usual,is just going round in circles.  

"I'm sorry, Mum, you're not going to like this, but I've got myself into a bit of a mess...' 

Take it from there - and make sure it's the truthful version you tell her, such as your hours being cut because your employers felt you couldn't cope. There is no point in 'the care home cut my hours' as if that was nothing to do with you. Your mum needs the full picture, not these half-stories that have kept you going for the last year or whatever. You can add that you've tried - a little - to get a better job. The main issue right now is how you're going to repay your mum, and then move on to how you're going to try to sort your life.


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