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Do I Take This Job?

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abbeylee90 | 18:59 Fri 12th Jan 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I been offered a job as a cleaner in a school 20 hours per week Monday to Friday 20 hours per week.



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Sorry was meant to be in jobs

Abbey, hadn't you decided that part-time work really isn't an option for you? I thought you were hoping to have at least 30+ hours a week?

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Well yeah it's a temp position anyway 

Have you met your prospective supervisor?

What do the reviews say?

No, the kids will wind you up.

Question Author

No as it with an agency 

Question Author

I haven't signed my contract but offered me an induction 

How much notice are you supposed to give the laundry?

Will you need DBS clearance?

When do you start?

what are the hours?

what is the commute?

what are the promotion prospects?

And what's the uniform like?

Will it leave you time to get your nails done?

When you say it is temporary, how long is the job to last?

DBS clearance, if needed, could be a block if you haven't already got it Abby.  You need to check with the employer - or maybe read the terms and conditions carefully.  It can take several weeks for clearance to arrive.

Haven't you already got a thread running about this job  offer?

Hi jourdain2- maybe you are thinking of this job

Thanks n.m.a. I've checked on that thread, but it's not there.  I  definitely remember Abbey mentioning it earlier - but it was pointed out then that it was still temporary (and she needs permanent)and not full-time. I do know people who are very happy with 2 permanent part-time jobs, but Abbey has struggled with full-time hours, so best to have them all in the same place.  If it is 'after-hours' cleaning a DBS might not be necessary.  I had to get clearance to volunteer to help slow readersone morning a week - and I'm an ex-teacher with so many clearances I could paper the loo with them!

abbey works 3 days a week i think at the laundrette so would have to give that up if she were to take the school job which is 5 days a week- unless one is mornings and the other afternoons with a gap between for travelling time

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I will need DBS yes which I got from care home. Its 2-6 if I remember was told so wouldn't be able to work the 2

Abbey, you have said that you couldn't live on the wages from a 21 hour a week job. How are you going to manage with this one? I don't think you getting two part-time jobs will work out at all. You thought you could do that with the care home and the cleaning job - and you were very put out when the care home wouldn't change all the rotas to suit you!  You also seemed to struggle with more than one job anyway... Have you given up on looking for full-time work? 

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Do I Take This Job?

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