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Fabulous............but don't call me Baby !
Please, not again!
It's a baby and there's already enough of them, thankyou.
Surely it's not a baby till it's born - it's still a foetus?
Why does it matter what we think? It's just a scan like any other scan of an unborn baby.
you mean it is not a child because it is a baby or a foetus ( undecided) - I am not sure if that follows and or is valid

foetus - is fetus now accepted - - well if you are gonna do is it a baby or foetus...

and none of us are - ographers... so none of us dont know
It's just a scan like any other scan of an unborn baby.

no ( again ) I am having a terrible morning. One is a scan and the other is a scan, so they are both scans
but the leedol babies are different.

so its just..... is a typical example of the usual AB one-line put-down crap - which I like actually, I treasure them but do not collect them
see haeccity ( he-sitty)
the scans are different -
not me, Duns scotus and WIlliam of Occam 1350

This week is scarred by Boris madness

a scan is a scan is a scan ( thx to Gertrude Stein)
no of course not - be serious even on AB

You ask many questions that nobody can give you a helpful answer to because we don't know all the facts.

This scan looks like a baby, it may be a boy or a girl but none of us can know which from one scan picture. If you want to know the gender of your baby ask your medical care team.

We also can't give any meaningful answer to your questions about 'why' people do things.
People often do things that are illogical (because they seem to be a good idea at the time). We don't know the people that you refer to and we have no way of knowing what they are like in character or how well you get on with them.

I realise that you are worried about something but we don't know the answers. You seem unhappy with your life and your financial situation - but asking random questions from people on the internet won't help you in your quest for answers.

We, as a community, will help you and advise you if we can. We don't mean to be unhelpful but there is no context to your questions and we can't give you any meaningful help.

Best wishes for you and your baby.
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