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Opposite Problem To The Past (Testing The Waters)

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StupidGuy | 15:51 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | Family & Relationships
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So, I am a natually cautious person, but I have recently noticed that I rarely trust what others say. I don't recall having an experience where someone took advantage of me when I was open with them, so I can't find the root problem. The only sliver of something recent that happened is a story for another day. Just know I was decieved for weeks on end without knowing. This kinda is tied in with one of my older questions, Secret problem, as the 2 work in conjunction to create a rubber banding effect. where one happens, then the other, but never at the same time. 


I'm tired of being so unpredictable to myself and others, so if someone can help, that would be appreciated.



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How old are you?

Question Author

How come?

In old age, people often become mistrustful of what others say and do. Such old people have learned, over many years, how easy it is for such as they to be taken advantage of, with predictable consequences. When you mentioned that you were deceived for weeks, with knowing it, it made me think that, perhaps, you had passed the age of being alert to the wiles of others. Which I why I asked your age.

Question Author

I am by no means 'old', if that is what you were wondering. Below 25 to narrow it down for you.

Ah, so, you are not the typical 'old person' that I was thinking of. I cannot think of a solution to being deceived for weeks on end, other than to say, maybe get out and about a bit more. You know, mix with a wide variety of people, get to know their wiles and their ways. Would you say that you are an insular person, who likes their own company, doesn't care to mix very much? Some 'advisers' on websites such as this one, might say, 'join a club', but that might just be anathema to you (as it would to me, actually). Have you got a job that gets you to mix with others? Enforced company, such as that, might help, but, without being able to sit with you, and analyse your situation, I'm, afraid that I cannot really offer a firm and positive solution to your enforced unpredictability.

How does "not had experience of someone taking advantage" gel with "deceived for weeks on end" - you seem to be contradicting yourself. 

Nothing wrong with being cynical, as long as you don't take it to extremes and spoil the chance of feeling good during your lifetime. Find a balance, trust is a good thing to have, just be sure to note if warning signs appear. And don't expect to always get everything right. Life isn't like that.

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Opposite Problem To The Past (Testing The Waters)

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