My Dad Is Rich But He Helped

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Aminahchaudhary | 16:46 Wed 02nd Mar 2022 | Family & Relationships
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Only 10k £ when I bought house is that a lot ?


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Very kind of him.
why would you expect anything at all? £10k seems very generous to me given your attitude.
You are very lucky that your dad was able to help you buy a house.
Your father has probably had to work to give you and your family a nice home and you a nice upbringing. Many of your posts seem to be about how other people spend their money. That should not be a concern of yours. Everyone has the right to spend their money as they want and for what they can afford. Parents have no obligation to give their children money but do have an obligation to nurture, feed educate and clothe them and give unconditional love whilst they are minor children but adult children should work for their money

Yes, that is a huge amount of money to give toward your house purchase.
I have given each of my four kids over £10,000 each. I do not feel especially generous as I love them all equally. They are all independent and I consider it a pleasure to make their lives a little nicer.
It was kind of him to help you. He didn't have to. My husband's parents bought us a mirror and my parents bought us a wardrobe - but let us have an old carpet and their black-out curtains. Be grateful.

I have not helped my children with money towards house purchases, because I'm not well-off enough, but we help with things like unexpected big bills after a disaster of some sort.
He could have helped more but I suspect he spent his money jetting off to the Maldives, etc. several times a year.....
Does your dad want to adopt a ready madee granddad?
^^ ^^
bloody hell, it's more than nowt and that's what I got. My grandfather had a quarry and brick production and he made my old man pay for every brick on a new build.
that is probably why he was so rich dtc

amina - it is your father's money - he can give it to whom he likes
Aminah; I'm so pleased you have managed to buy a house. You must be thrilled to bits. I hope your husband/partner is also happy about your good fortune.
You sound very money orientated. Do you work? Oh I forgot, you never answer questions on here.

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My Dad Is Rich But He Helped

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