What's Up With This? Is It Normal?

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bellazalin000 | 03:58 Mon 22nd Nov 2021 | Family
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My parents have never said a word about my relatives: grandparents, cousins, etc. I've never met any of them. The only time they've done anything to do with them around me is when they filled out a family tree in elementary school, and even then one of them didn't fill out their side.

What should I think of this? Is it normal?


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I've never met grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles etc.
It's not uncommon.
i met grandparents when i was young, cousins and other family members, its good to have an extended family. Did your family fall out with theirs?
Some are more family inclined than others. Some families are best avoided.
it is a bit strange however not to discuss one's grandparents at least. I would simply ask what the problem is.. and take it from there.
Normal. I never knew most of my aunts, uncles, don’t know nephews, nieces.. I have never felt that I missed out. Some people are family minded, some aren’t.
is this both sides of the family?
Have you tried asking your parents.
i would love to see some of my relatives, but many have died i suspect. Though i do have cousins from my fathers side of the family who i haven't seen since i was a kid.
We're very family orientated and I know and have met most of my 2nd cousins from both sides and there are loads of them. I knew all of my grandparents and my great grandmothers but my great grandfathers died before I was born.

Having said that some of my friends and my ex have never known any of their relatives other than immediate family. Its not that unusual and probably depends on circumstances such as an unhappy childhood which they would prefer to forget.
seems strange that it appears to be, unless otherwise stated, both sides of the family.......
Since my parents,aunts+ uncles have snuffed it, I've totally lost contact with my cousin's. After trying to keep in touch with a few of them proved futile I stopped bothering.
I know someone who never knew who his Dad was and his Mum brought him up single handed.
He has no brothers and sisters and neither did his Mum, so he has never had siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles or grandparents, so it isn't unusual.
Have you asked them about your grandparents and other members of their families?

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What's Up With This? Is It Normal?

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