What Do You Think Of The Name Oscar Hawes

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Osh656754 | 02:04 Tue 30th Nov 2021 | Family
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Do you like it?


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sounds like a dogs name.
It is ok, but i would use something else like Richard.
I like it. Very masculine.
I don’t like it sounds like a name a yummy mummy would give her offspring
I like it but then the only Oscars I know are dogs. But I still like it.
I don't like it
Judging by your initials I suspect it's your name, nothing wrong with it as a name but how you live creates associations with that name in the minds of those you meet. Whatever name you have its what people think of you that adds or subtracts value.
Rhoda Hawes would sound okay
rowan, Osh is trying out different names
I laughed out loud at Bobbinwales' post at 10.11
So did I, hilarious Bobb.
don't like the association - Oscar Pistorius.
I used to visit friends in a small place called Hoscar in rural lancashire many moons ago.
> Oscar Hawes

Does he?

Verbs (and their homonyms) don't make the best surnames ...
Bobbs that took me a while but I got there in the end! Ginge I have dogs called Lancashire Heelers and one of our family of breeders comes from Hoscar and that is their kennel name.
lankeela...I remember it as a very small, lovely place along with neighbouring Ring O'Bells and Burscough...probably the area is all built-up now.
Never heard of Lancashire Heelers...I'm just going to Google them!
^Done. I'm now an expert on the breed!
Well done ginge, we need all the publicity we can get as we are classed as a vulnerable native breed, having less than 100 registered each year.
Well there's a turnip for the books! I googled them myself just to see what they say and discovered my name in the list of references for an article I wrote for a dog magazine! I can now say I get a mention in Wikipedia!
^That's both of us have learned something today!

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What Do You Think Of The Name Oscar Hawes

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