A Quiet Weekend,

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Tashi | 17:44 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Family
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Dave and Kate have been away at one of her brothers since yesterday lunchtime, back about 1800, the girls and I have been raiding every essential shop in Whitstable, all good fun, finished now,time to eat shortly I suspect.


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My late sisters hometown ,Whitstable
Enjoy what's left of your weekend Tashi
Risky to travel and stay over but I'm sure they have weighed up the risks.

Was good of Baldric to start GMEB given he's on a break.

Enjoy your meal.
>>> the girls and I have been raiding every essential shop in Whitstable

Erm, aren't we all meant to be shopping alone (and as infrequently as possible too) at the moment?

Aww, you rule breakers! i'm quite shocked to hear that you,re all going out and about like that to be honest.
Yes we are, Buenchico. The only time I go out is for medical appointments that can't be done over the phone.
I think that Tashi might regret posting this....
..... And us, not shopped or visited anyone in ages.

A quiet weekend here too, but just like every other weekend spent pottering around the house or garden.
Good thing there isn't anyone living with you who isn't in the best of health. Or indeed working in health care.
I thought you were a medical professional- why on Earth are you breaking lockdown rules when the NHS is on its knees
Tashi is 25 and not 125
so I dont blame her and frenz going out

visited by gt nephew Wed and it broke up the day nicely

[and I am surprised how quickly the really cruddy olds are getting their appts for vacc]
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All kitted up with the right PPE from the neck up and it was very quiet.
quick Tash - - Duck!
( as Dave might say - well at least she isnt shooting at us!)
Baldric said Tashi was in her 50s
Sorry Tashi but going out kitted in PPE?
Somethings not adding up
What's on the menu Tashi? Anything nice?
Ah. My apologies then, Peter. I didn't know that a 25 year old wasn't able to contract or pass on Covid.
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Just a mask and visor Bobbi,
Ah right, you mean masks and visor etc, my mistake but you definitely should not be 'raiding' shops together, I'm surprised you weren't pulled up ?
Tashi said from the neck up, Bobbi. Isn't that what we are all supposed to do? That's how I read it any way.
We'll never get rid of the virus whilst people are blatantly ignoring all the rules and regulations.

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A Quiet Weekend,

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