Do You Think Making A Teen Write Essays And Lines Is A Childish Punishment ?

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bigbecky | 14:15 Thu 27th Sep 2018 | Family
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as you all know this weekend and the further 2 weekends I am in punishment,i will be confined to my room and my bedroom door will be locked, I have been moaning to my parents about keeping my tv to relive the boredom, they have said NO entertainment allowed as I am being punished, now my parents have set me tons of work to do,
1 ) write a 4 page essay on the importance of obeying the rules.
2 )write a 4 page essay on what I have learnt from being punished,
3 )write 200 times, I will not sneak out while on punishment.
4 ) write200 times, I will obey the rules or accept being punished without complaint,
my parents said if I don't do the work my punishment will be extended,
I think writing lines and essays is a childish punishment and surly being locked up is punishment enough don't you ?


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1. No.
2. No.
3. Please ignore any advice you receive on this's obviously worked for you in the past.
Good god, is this carp still going on ?
Along with the majority of posters on your previous thread Becky, I am not going to waste my time offering you my thoughts for you to ignore them.

The answer to your question is -




Feel free to pick the one you like.
No, I also think your parents should add an extra weekend for every word you spell wrong.
Use one of those essay mill websites to write your essays. That'll show 'em!
Fed up with this poster now.
Oh God, not again! At least you might get to spell 'surely' correctly. The only thing 'surly' here is you.
You're allowed to go to school, on your way home steal a bottle of vodka and sneak that into your room, that should relieve the boredom.
surly - dont carl me Shirley

You could tell your parents they are being childish and they will answer: " You ! You are one to talk ! your childish fantasies are arl over the internet"
This has got to be a wind up. Why do you indulge bigbecky who I wager is a lot bigger than she/he pretends.
or write out 200 times
I am a complete Freak but if I drop one letter, then I will be 'Free!'

I wonder which one that is
No entertainment allowed what are you doing on here then??. But then I suppose its entertainment you’re giving to others
If genuine, she is a hopeless cause and not worth while answering. She can't be genuine - no-one could be that stupid, surely?

So, bigbecky - you can guess at my answers to your questions.
I'd rather read 'Where's Factor?' :-)
If you act like a child expect to be treated as one. Until you actually learn your lesson and grow up don't expect to be treated as an adult.

I would let you keep all your toys, dolls, teddy bears, iPad, Xbox, television and DVD player etc., for as long as you want. but don't expect an electricity supply during the period of your confinement. Punishment is meant to teach a lesson, not be a playtime activity !
If you insist on behaving like a petulant child, you should be treated as such. In other words, you made your bed now lie on it
I suspect the more you moan to your parents, the greater your punishment will become. They must wish you'd get laryngitis by now.
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my punishment is to lose my freedom and be locked up, writing essays and lines just makes the punishment worse, surely confinement is punishment enough ?

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Do You Think Making A Teen Write Essays And Lines Is A Childish Punishment ?

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