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Grandparents' Rights

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AB Editor | 10:40 Wed 08th Jan 2014 | Family & Relationships
29 Answers

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  • No. - 7 votes
  • 64%
  • Yes. - 4 votes
  • 36%

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Far, far too sweeping a question.

Should most [i grandparents .... Yes

Should [i] all ] grandparents .... No
Agree with Dave
Agree with rockyracoon
i vote for dave.
But then who decides whether you, as a grandparent, are in the most or the all?

If it has to go to a panel/committee or wherever then it will never be an automatic right....

-- answer removed --
so how many is 'most'? it has to be an all or nothing vote otherwise definitions of categories are needed and therein lies madness.

Agree with SD
when i click on the question link, I get taken to facebook?????
Question Author
I suppose the question implies: "Should grandparents automatically be granted the same rights as the average man separated from his children due to divorce" - this might mean the right to seeing them on the weekend every other week.

And should these rights be enshrined by law?
Question Author
Ha, sorry, my mistake.

Fat fingers this morning...
Question Author
Fixed :)
still getting taken here

when i click on the question link. Have restarted computer (mac with safari) and cleared cache.
Question Author
How odd - I've made the change in the backend - but it's not taken here!

That link relates to another question in chatterbank from earlier. Sorry!
that's a relief, thought I was going crazy!
Question Author
Should be back on track now....

The question is - should a grandparent have any right to access to what is "their bloodline" as it were?
-- answer removed --
now I don't seem to be able to vote :)

automatic rights? no.
Well which of the two sets of grandparents takes priority?
I can't see where to vote, either. But no. Nobody should have the rights, except the children.

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Grandparents' Rights

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