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Grandparents Rights?

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ash4589 | 20:50 Mon 12th May 2008 | Family & Relationships
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i have a 1 year old son and my other half will not allow my mum see him, because she didnt approve of us having a baby so young. They DO NOT get along at all. Should she go for her grandparents rights?


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Sorry to disillusion you but Grandparents do not have any rights to see or have contact with grandchildren. They can apply to the family court for a parental responsibility order and then regular contact but this is in no way guaranteed as the court would need to assured that it is in the best interests of the child to have contact with the grandparent. It will be a hard battle and they will need a solicitor.
Just to confirm what Richard has said. Grandparents do not have any rights.

However, the baby is as much yours as your partners and you have as many rights as your partner in the way your child is brought up. Can you not take the baby to see your mother?
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no my other half wouldnt allow it
Well surely you have a say in this as well? You need to talk this out with your other half. A relationship cannot exist where one partner rules the other one and doesn't not respect their wishes.
If my other half told me my mum couldnt see my child i would tell him where to go! Why take it out on the child if he has a problem with your mum? I would tell him to grow up!
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the problem is that they are as bad as each other. my mum takes arguements between me nd her out on my other half and this makes my other half angry. she told me tht she feels she has given my mum 2 many chances and doesnt wnt 2 keep being messed about. im stuck in the middle and all i want is everyone to get along and my little boy to see his family
Just take the Baby to see your mother. It sounds as if you are afraid of your partner. If this is the case, then you have to seriously consider whether this relationship is right for you.

Beck O7 is quite right. Your partner's dislike of your mother should not be taken out on your baby.
I wrote my last posting before I saw yours ash. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. You are in a dreadful situation being stuck in the middle of two people you love, but you must be more assertive with both of them. You can't go on like this and you must tell them both how miserable they are making you.

If they love you, then they will realise how you badly their behaviour is affecting you. It sounds like your mother and your partner both need to grow up!

I hope you can sort it out.

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its not tht im afraid its just alot has gone on in the last 2 years and if i posted it i would be here till next week. i do understand both their views. they have got along and worked toward things before but it seems to go sour
It sounds difficult for you, i know it would be for me as im very close to my mum. Would there be any way of them trying to settle differences and start again for the childs sake? The last thing you need is this going on foreva, it will be a nightmare for you!
Your other half does not have to be there, when you visit your mother with your son.

That might be the easiest way to avoid arguments between them, for the time being.

I would also tell my mother in no uncertain terms that she better accepts my relationship and keep her negative comments to herself.

Otherwise, why would you want to take your son there, if all you get while you are there are bad words.
Grandparents are an important part of any childs life,children should be allowed time with them unless the grandparent is a threat to the child. You must feel you are in the middle of your partner and mother but your child comes first. I hope a will not not upset you by saying this but tell them to stop acting like children and put the child first.
Another inportant issue regarding your problem is that your partner may not always be with you,harsh I know but your mother always will be.
Your mother will always be with you???
I wish this was true!!!
Apart from the obvious reason that your Mother probably won't always be with you, I would point out that it's far from the truth that Mum's are more important and supportive to you than partners. I would choose my partner any day rather than my mother.

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