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Family Christmas Never Again Majorly Stressed

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gordiescotland1 | 11:47 Fri 03rd Jan 2014 | Family & Relationships
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I am majorly stressed I have had enough of family Christmas and New Years. It was my birthday yesterday and I spent most of it on my own because my parents were ill. And I had a major argument with my sister and she unfriended me on facebook. All because I put up a post saying how many Romanians and Bulgarians are coming to the country since 1st January she went ballistic and called me fascist and racist. So I told her a few home truths about her relationship with my parents and her boyfriend and the thing deteriorated from there it ended with her telling me she never wanted to speak to me again. I am quite happy with that. Every Christmas it is the same in this family stress stress stress I am going away from 23rd December to 4th January this festive season 2014. I am single 42 why should I be forced to spend it with my family. I have no prospect of ever getting married why do I have to put myself through this.??!! I put this in technology by mistake.


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Families, you can't pick them and (apparently) you can't kill them and bury them in the garden.

Seriously though, I do understand how you feel. This time of year can be particularly stressful and any old resentments or issues can rear their ugly heads in the most spectacular fashion.

If a family Christmas is too much hassle, then do go away for it. That way you can still have a good relationship with family for the rest of the year.

You're an adult. You don't have to spend time with anyone you don't want to. It sounds like the argument with your sister escalated out of all proportion, so i imagine the relationship between you was already on the edge?
How fprtunate that your parents were ill and you didn't have to spend your birthday with them then!
The problem is of course, it sounds like your family are the only people in your life, so by all means cut them out, but you may well find you are lonely
Gordie, I am always amazed at how many people seem to make the so called festive season so stressful - you say you are happy that the result of your argument with your sister has had the result it has. Well a success for you of sorts.

I am sad to hear your parents are ill, I know you have health troubles of your own - cut yourself adrift if you wish, sad though and hope you have no regrets doing it.
Terrible wording up there ^ hope you can pick some sense out of it.
My only family are my cats and my brother and his wife and kiddies. They live in England and I live in Scotland. To go there for Christmas was be far too difficult for me to manage due to my unstable mental health.

I spend Christmas alone this year and for nine of the previous years - it is fine. If your family stresses you out so much just consider spending it alone. My mother used to say that you should 'love' your family but you don't necessarily have to 'like' them.

At least it is all over and 2014 has arrived. :-)
You could volunteer to help at a pensioners christmas meal, The Rotary club would be glad of extra help, and it will give you the 'feel good factor'
Isn't facebook a waste of time. How can you unfriend a sister. You were never friends in the first place. No need to spend time with relatives at Christmas if you prefer to do your own thing. I hope 2014 is a good year for you and much better than how things have been recently.

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Family Christmas Never Again Majorly Stressed

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