Advice to bring on labor

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K82 | 12:04 Tue 23rd Jun 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hi all, I'm 32 weeks & only another 8 weeks to go!!

A little early but any advice on bringing on the labor yourself? I.e hot curry ect?

I was told to drink a cup of raspberry leaf tea a day as from now & pineapple juice.

Any other good advice for a little nearer the time?


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Why do you want to bring it on.........let it cook until ready....
I agree with craft. The longer it's in the oven, the better.
Are we talking about the foetus girls?......LOL
nothing will work until baby is ready.

ask again then

RLT tones up the uterus and can be used from about 34 weeks.

pineapple juive does nothing. Fresh pineapple can, but has to be very fresh and youd ned to eat 10 pineapples in one go.
Yes, I am
Rural Middle/Far eastern mothers work in farming to labour pains. Keep active - babe wont fatten & easier to bare. Activity near end will help waters to break for quick birth.
Yes...........come and dig over my garden.....
Sex supposedly helps. Semen contains Prostaglandins which can help bring on Labour, but as I'm not doing any of that, I'm now 10 days overdue.

Midwife also said I should have Pineapple. I've not got on too well with the Raspberry Leaf tea
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Vv....10days over! Toxemia could set in - Rett active? Will you do some high-kicks & get a move on!
Booked in for an Induction this Friday Tamborine. I had the Sweep yesterday, but nothing's happened, except a bit of lower abdominal pains and more frequent Braxton Hicks's
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Oh sorry Goodbye, wasn't being rude, thanks for asking and yes still waiting around.
sex done it for me
after a few hours my contractions started
but i was also a week over due so could just have been natural
good luck
Did it for me as well. 9 days early ( 1st baby) and a 2 hour labour!!!
Sorry K82 From 36 weeks i drank RLT I had over 80 cups of the stuff, I walked the legs off my husband, ate more spicey food than I could imagine, tried sex and had two sweeps. NOTHING. I was supposed to be induced on the friday morning and finally went into labour on the Thurs night, 2 weeks late and had 29 hrs of labour! I think when your ready your ready its just luck if u had sex/pineapple/curries before hand. GL and please, enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant because, seriously, nothing can prepare you for what comes next!

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Advice to bring on labor

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