extreme breast soreness

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shellad83 | 00:09 Tue 23rd Jun 2009 | Pregnancy
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hi there all, just wondering if any one can help me, i am 7 weeks pregnant and have extremly sore breasts, they feel lumpy and are really sore to touch, i can't even brush my arms past them without pain, this is my second pregnancy and they were never this sore with my first even after giving birth, does all this sound normal ????????
thanks in advance x


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Every pregnancy will vary and I would think this is normal, but more extreme this time. Perhaps you could try cold compressess against them for a few minutes per time, like frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel.

My breasts were very sore from about 7 week until about 17 weeks, worst in the morning, but seem ok now. Wearing supportive sports bra in bed can help too.

I would also suggest you talk to your GP or Midwife, if you feel things are really not right.
i agree with velvetee, try cold packs on for releife and get measured for new bras, a correct fitting one
makes all the difference. I was wearing the wrong size for years and although i had no discomfort really, having the correct size made all the difference.
Can't help but do sympathise! I was exactly the same and it really affected me in bed especially. Laying down and trying to get comfy was agony. Mine gradually got better each week though and from what I can remember as it now seems like ages ago, it wore off around 9-10 weeks. I am now 13 weeks and mine are fine!

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extreme breast soreness

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