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kitten_uk2 | 12:12 Tue 23rd Jun 2009 | Pregnancy
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lol, i think i must post this every month, but this time im not sure (again) can someone tell me about implant bleeding, because im not due for a period but my discharge is pink, feel really tierd all the time too, just cant stop yawning. dont want to get my hopes up as been trying since last aug. xxx


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2 questions:

1) Have you had intercourse.?
2) When was you last NORMAL period?
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yes- can give dates if needed
and about 3rd or 4th of june it was heavey so yes a normal one
LOL LOL dates not needed, but positions would be helpful LOL

Nobody can tell you if your are pregnant for another 4 weeks, pink discharge is not an indication of pregnacy.
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so why pink then? lol,,,, fingers xd anyhows
I hope that you have got private medical insurance, as these consultations are expensive.

It COULD be implant bleeding but not necessarily so.

Wait....where should I send the account?
When I was trying, my periods became really erratic and I regularly had slight bleeding or coloured discharge in between my periods - I wasn't pregnant. For me, I am sure that it was stress with trying that was upsetting my cycle - I eventually went for fertility tests and found that everything was completely normal - the month after they told me that I got pregnant - I guess it was the relief - and the night out to celebrate with the first alcohol that I had drunk in months ;o). My advise would be to try and chill and relax - a glass of wine probably wouldn't go amiss either.

I am not saying that you definitely aren't pregnant, but usually the implantation bleed is after you already know you are. A friend of mine didn't discover she was pregnant until 22 weeks as she hadn't put on any weight, had all her periods and no other symptoms other than tiredness. So never say never!
I found out I was pregnant on the Saturday and had what we believe was an Implant Bleed on the Sunday (I thought I was miscarrying) It was brown to begin with turned red for a very short time and then went brown again. Yucky I know but, you did ask. I was 5 weeks gone. Also I had no pregnancy symptoms at all untill 7 weeks when I started to feel sick. Although everybody is different.

Take care, relax and it will happen, Like Annie I had fertility tests and had no problems but, it still took me six years of trying to have my daughter! GLx
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thanks for your answers, i couldnt wait so did a test yestaday, which was negative, feel really crappy today though, but think thats a bug, and my bleeding is heaveyer.
i just think im too stressed at moment,
I knoe exactly where you are coming from kitten - I was in the same position as you - have you gone to see your doctor yet? Some tests may just put your mind at rest like it did for me.

I have two beautiful sons now - almost 9 and almost 8 - there is only 13 months between them as we figured it would take 2 years again the second didn't!

Best of luck, try to relax :o)
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Thanx annie, ive already got one, he will be 5 in july, fingers crossed for next month, !!!!

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