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Positive pregnancy test, then a negative?

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smurfy666 | 00:35 Wed 15th Apr 2009 | Pregnancy
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Well my periods late, which is odd because i usually have a 28 day cycle. So first thing this morning i took a first response pregnancy test, and i got a positive reading. i had a really dark control line and a faint test line. Then i had to go to work, and when i got back i took a second test (a cheap strip test) and it was negative. So now i am confused, am i pregnant?


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I have heard that its possible to get a false negative but not a false positive, also the first urine of the day is more concentrated, so it will contain more of the hormone used for pregnancy testing.

Price of test doesn't matter, I used both kinds both very accurate!
Get the doctor/pharmacist to do a blood test.

There are a few reasons why you can get a false positive, but they are a rare occurrence. (most web sites say the same thing)

I'm sure the doctor will reassure you
Hi Smurfy, i had exactly the same happen to me. I bought a cheap store brand test which was a faint positive so went and got a more expensive digital one which was negative. I left it a couple of days and did another one with first wee of the day which again was a faint positive. I then went to the docs for a test. Im now 15 weeks pregnant. But like other people have said its more commen to have a false negative than a false positive. Let us know how you get on. Hope its the result you want.
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thanks very much for your answers and comments. Im going to do a test in the morning, and go to the doctors. i will keep you all informed! x x x x
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Well i did another test this morning, and its positive. So im taking it that im pregnant, which is fantastic!! All i need to do now is see my GP and get it confirmed!! :D

again thankyou all for you comments!


Your GP might not confirm it, mine didn't! he just refered me on to a Midwife who saw me for 5mins at 8 weeks (I think) to get my notes started, and then at 10 weeks for a 'booking appointment' where she took a complete history and arranged my first scan - usually at 12 weeks, this is to confirm that you are pregnant, how far along you are, that the embryo is viable and in the right place.

I hope you have a very healthy and happy pregnancy! Take care. x

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Positive pregnancy test, then a negative?

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