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How quickly did you get a positive pregnancy test?

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bambiboo78 | 11:14 Tue 24th Apr 2012 | Pregnancy
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I'm a week late for my usually very regular periods (28 day cycle) but i took a test yesterday & was negative, have any women had a negative test a week after missing their period then took one later 7 it's been positive?

I'm just curious don't think i'm pregnant but just want to rule out the possibility.. so i can have a cigarette again!


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I got positives day after missed period.
btw, my periods are logged. I am of the forgetful nature so have to log everything important.
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Yes that's what i thought, my mother is freaking me out though she says when she was pregnant with my little brother she went to the gp 2 weeks after her missed period had a test & it was negative was told to return if she missed her next period, missed her 2nd period & the test was positive she was 2 months pregnant!!!
It can happen. It's rare though.
With my eldest I was 16 weeks, youngest a few days before my period
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ojread2 were you 16 wks cos u just hadn't tested before then or had u done previous tests that were negative?
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oh thats a shame

I was 16 weeks because I wasn't really trying (married, no contraception, took a while to fall) plus waaaaayyyy back then you pee'd into a test tube, literally! lol added something to it via a pippet and had to wait an hour, yes! a whole hour, to go and look. None of this knowing before you've even missed a period, even GPs wouldnt test you before you had skipped 2 lol

2nd one, was trying and knew when AF was due, and just knew I was pg and exactly what day I fell on as well. Tested with one of these new fangled, tells you in 3 minutes type tests and it showed before I'd finished pee'ing

14.5 yr age gap =)
Most pregnancy tests are highly accurate, they will not give a false positive so if it says negative 7 days after you are due in it's unlikely your pregnant if your sure in your dates etc. Might be worth a trip to the doc if you dint come on soon. Missing a period can be caused by many things, stress etc. Good luck.

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How quickly did you get a positive pregnancy test?

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