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Spitoons for pregnant women

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factor-fiction | 20:45 Thu 19th Apr 2012 | Pregnancy
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There is an advert I get on AB which advertises spitoons for pregnant women. Is this something that female AB members use? I've never been aware of the need for them before User Recommendation


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have you read the whole thing, has to be a joke surely, matching colours to your dress, i want one...
or perhaps not, odd though..
PMSL....the 'technical' details are hilarious

Portable Spittoon or Spit Container for anyone feeling the urge to spit e.g. Pregnant Women
Cover flips open automatically at the touch/slide of a button
While open, the cover hides the mouth of the user from preying eyes, preventing them from see the spitting activity
Comes in fashionable colors that blends well with your dress
Conviniently and fashionably carried, easily opened and provides a measure of privacy for user even in a crowded environment<

Is this for real???
I love the miss-spellings....
I'd watch football on the telly if they give each footballer one of these (in team colours obviously) to carry round- it'd be ace!
It would certainly spice up the game B00 :)
indeed, they could try to hit it from the penalty spot in turns.

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Spitoons for pregnant women

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