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Is it safe to use an electric blanket when pregnant?

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tiggertan | 23:16 Tue 14th Apr 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hi all, hope you can help. I have been told both yes and no to this. Something to do with the emf's. Can they really harm a baby?
Mtia. X.


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my only concern would be the increase of body temp which can be dangerous in pregnancy. However, I would think that warming your bed and then turning the blanket off would be fine.
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Thank you for your reply.
Hi, if you look on the 'Baby Centre' website it has a section on there about what you can and can't do when pregnant, and one of the subject's is about using an electric blanket!
(If I was more computer literate I'd do a link but not sure how!!!) Hope that helps.

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Is it safe to use an electric blanket when pregnant?

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