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is my wife pregnant

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trucker 1 | 19:44 Mon 26th Nov 2007 | Pregnancy
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hi all.
my wife has now missed her second period.
she did several home pregnancy test`s when she missed her first one, and they all said negative.
she then went to the doctors to have a pregnancy test when she missed her second one, this also came back negative.
then the doctor explained that these test`s only pick up on the hormone that is released when pregnant, and sometimes the hormone doesnt "release" straight away.
so she then had a blood test, which also came back negative.
she tried ne this morning , just for the sake of it, and it came back as a faint blue line, which the instructions said meant positive.
has this happened to anyone?
can anyone help?


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Best thing to do is to test again tomorrow morning (first urine) as this is when the concentration of hormone will be strongest but 'false' positives are very rare and a blue line, however faint, means a positive result.
i missed 5 periods once and was not pregnant at all. There was never any reason behind it and it arrived as suddenly as it had disappeared. Was your wife under and stress or ill when she missed the first period?

The very feint line now could mean that she is only now in the early stages of pregnancy but only taking further pregnancy tests will really tell. as alijangra says, tests are often better when taken first thing in the morning.

Good luck
Hi trucker, I am now 22 weeks pregnant and both the tests I used back in July came back with a faint blue line, so it sounds to me like there is a strong possbility that your wife is pregnant. It depends how much human chorionic gonadotrophin (the hormone that the test detects) is present, I obviously didn't have much at the time.
Look out for other pregnancy symptoms in your wife ie: fatigue, nausea, swollen breasts, the usual. Good luck and I hope you get the result you hope for. Keep us updated

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is my wife pregnant

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