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IVF Treatment-NHS

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jonny the fo | 16:56 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Pregnancy
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I was told I was unable to have children many years ago due to pcos and managed to have a son naturally, He is nearly 4 years old now. I would like another child but had an ectopic pregnancy 2 years ago and have had a fallopian tube removed. Been trying to conceive since but no luck am i entitled to IVF treatment on the NHS?
Thanks Sarah x


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are you on any medication to help you concieve?
I believe you are entitled to two tries on the NHS, but I am not sure of the conditions. Give your GP practice and ring and they will be able to guide you, but if you want to know now, you could ring any of the private fertility clinics as they will probably be able to give you the info you want immediately. Good luck
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No am on no medication at all- guess the quacks is my next port of call!!

Thanks for your help
I'm not sure you will be entitled to free IVF treatment on the NHS as you already have one child,they tend to treat mainly childless couples.
speak to your GP they may put you on medication rather than IVF as you have concieved naturally before.

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Thanks alot redcrx for all your comments! much appreciated all advice!! x
a friend of mine has PCOS and i think the name of one of the drugs is clomid.

Do a bit of reasearch so you know what to ask about when you see GP.

Good Luck!
I know a few people who have not been able to get IVF on the NHS due to already having a child

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IVF Treatment-NHS

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