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c.shallow | 09:32 Sat 13th Oct 2007 | Pregnancy
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I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and yestorday started getting period like pains of either side of my tummy, Went to the doctor and he said it might be normal to have tummy pains, (but i'm still getting them) Another doctor said it might be an ectopic pregnancy, but i can't have a scan till tuesday (i feel sick with worry!).


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Morning, I had pains like that when I was about 6 weeks pregnant too, it could be one of many things. It could be your body adjusting to new circumstances or implantation pains.

Try not to worry (easy said I know), I am sure it will be fine. Can I ask, is this your first baby?

This is mine and it is all new to me and quite frankly I dont know what to expect you will find a lot of helpful people on here.
Hi c.shallow, I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first and at week 6 I also had pains in my tummy - they were very similar to period painsif that helps. My GP said that these pains were normal and that is was probably baby getting comfy and settling into the womb, it could also be that your womb is stretching to begin accommodating baby.

I was still pretty panicked when I had my bloods done so mentioned it to the nurse and she really made me feel better, she said "Have you had an ectopic pregnancy before?", I told her no and she said, "Well in that case, trust me, you would definitely know the difference between what could be a normal, pregnancy pain to an abnormal, "bad" pain". I think she meant just not to worry and to trust my instincts; if the pains become painful (unbearably or worryingly so) then contact your gp midwife, but otherwise it is probably just your body adjusting.

Congratulations x x x
They could be totally normal. They could also be something to worry about. The only way to tell is by a scan, so I'm glad you have been scheduled one.

Your time until Tuesday will most likely be very worrying to get through and so make sure that you keep yourself busy and that also you don't do anything too strenuous. Eat well and do some things that you enjoy.

Most importantly, talk to a friend, family, and/or your partner about your worries. You are not being silly to be worried and want reassurance. Pregnancy is a scary time and you should get all the support you can.

And don't surf the net trying to find out what could be happening! Believe me you will just find horror stories and you don't want to know them.

I have been through this myself and now have a healthy baby boy who is, as I type, pulling every book off my shelves. Good luck.
Hi C shallow.....Im 16 weeks pregnant now and my funny pains started at about 6 week too and they come and go, its usually your ligaments stretching to accomodate your growing uterus.
In my job iv attended more Ectopic pregnancys than i can remember and they are so easy to diagnose....Intence pain on ONE side only, and generally a flushed appearance plus they are usually JUST pregnant ie 4-5 weeks. Im sure your scan will put your mind at ease, but for now unless your pain is going beyond your pain barrier i think you can relax. Enjoy your pregnancy. lol x
Hi there,

loads of people, including me. have these pains. I felt like I was about to come on my period for around the first 12 weeks (including spotting) and am now 30 weeks and really fat. You have done the right thing getting checked as worry is no good for you or the baby, but I bet you will get to see a wee scan of a little baby blob with a heart beat pumping away.

Just to warn you, when I had a 6 week scan to check everything was OK, they then did not do a 12 week dating scan as they can date the baby at this scan. I felt that I really missed out on the 12 week scan as there was no definite point that it was OK to tell people about the pregnancy. Don't be surprised if you also have to wait to 20 weeks to see your baby again.
i hope your scan has gone ok today shallow.

Im 14 weeks pregnant and im still getting the occasional twinge caused by the ligaments getting ready to grow.
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Hi Guy's thanks for your replys,

Went for the scan and everything is ok! Feel really silly now, but I just needed to put my mind at ease!.xx

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