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vacinations & flying when pregnant

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charlie82 | 15:34 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Pregnancy
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sorry, I have two questions..... I'm off to the Far East for 19 days in December. I've heard it is highly recommended to have certain vacinations before you go (although not compulsary). I will be 20-21 weeks pregnant and don't want to be vacinated.

Has anyone else been to Hong Kong & Thailand without having the jabs?

Also, is it safe to fly long distances when pregnant? Over the 19 days I will be taking 6 flights, a total of 40 hours in the air (don't ask why I booked it, I hate flying!!).

Thanks for any help.


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Check with your GP / midwife regarding the jabs, sometimes the risk of the jab (yellow fever for example) is more harmful to the baby than the chance of not contracting it. Also, check with your specific airline regardingregulation about flying, but usually if you are less than 30 weeks then you should be ok to fly.
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thanks for your help Natalie.
Hi Charlie82

Flying during pregnancy is perfectly safe, but just to warn you, it can feel a little unpleasant.

I went on holiday at 20/21 weeks pregnant and found that although the flight was short i was very aware of the change of air pressure in my abdomen. I knew it wasn't going to harm the baby but the feeling of pressure in the same place I had a tiny baby growing made me feel a little uncomfortable and paranoid.

I just thought I would warn you so you can prepare your self and be nice and relaxed before you take off.

have fun!
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Hi Lilyfrog

Thanks for your reply.

Thats what I've been worrying about. I know you can fly before 30 weeks, but its the cabin pressure that I've been thinking about.

I had my first scan yesterday (whoop whoop!) and turns out I'll be 22 weeks.

I'm still in two minds about going. I've paid the deposit but I still don't know. I had a miscarrage in June and wouldn't want anything to happen again.

I'm sure I'll be safe, but like you said its the paranoia.
If you are only staying in central Hong Kong and not moving to the provinces and you are only going to be in Bangkok, personally, and this is only personal, I would not have the jabs due to concerns about the baby. However, it�s essential to speak with your GP. In Bangkok, it�s the mosquitoes that concern me, especially in regards to the pesticides you may be exposed to, whether topical or inhaled that could affect your baby.

This is �for what it�s worth�: We flew extensively up to ten days before both of our children were born. You are required to have a medical certificate. However, I must be honest, we never did and we were never asked. But technically, you should.

As for the flight and oxygen: the aircraft is pressurised for circa 8000 feet, which is not much different than being in the Colorado Rockies. If you feel tired in flight, raise your arms above your head and breath � this allows greater volume into your lungs.
But as for the actual flight, I shouldn�t be too concerned.

I would also add that I would be delighted if you were flying on BA, Cathay Pacific, Virgin or Singapore Airlines, but I might not be as comfortable to hear you were flying on some other carriers such as some of the other Asian or Middle East Carriers. This is due to the confidence I would have in the availability of oxygen in an emergency. This is not to belittle any airline. It is a statement based on professional knowledge.

Oh�and for what it�s worth�we began flying on day 8 with our son and day 10 with our daughter. Today, both children are in the top tier of two frequent flier programmes, so I guess it�s now in their blood.

I wish you the greatest joys in your pending arrival

Fr Bill
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Thank you for taking the time out to reply.

Its reassuring to know that you flew a lot when you were expecting your children.

I will be staying in all the main areas. Thankfully.

Not too sure who I'm flying with, but the airlines you mentioned doesn't ring a bell. I'll have to check my paperwork.

I also don't have any intentions of being vacinated.

Thanks again for your help today!

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vacinations & flying when pregnant

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