Kids and cost?

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Deano1983 | 13:19 Thu 13th Apr 2006 | Parenting
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Hi all

Me and my girlfriend (soon to be wife in october) are planning for the future and would like kids in 3-4years time and was wondering around how much (if we are sensible with clothes etc) we would be looking at spending a month on 1 child??

I would like them as soon as possible but the money side of thing is obviously worrying as if we can't afford it what would we do. Its mainly the first 2years I am worried about as after this I should be able to earn a good wage. We have decided that my girlfriend would be staying at home to look after the kids as this is what she wants also, so this would mean we would not need child care.

So how much a month would you say?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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well said betsylou i couldnt have put it better myself and here i was feeling sorry for him
Question Author
Yeah I guess I never thought of it that way. Its not that posh its a new build hence why we can afford it!!
Deano I lived in a 3 bedroom house 1 bathroom hubby on low wage and had four kids .. you learn how to make ends meet if you are prepared to go without luxuries !
I wish you the best of luck with it all, Deano, i really do. It sounds like you're already pretty sensible with money, so I'm sure you'll be fine; you'll definitely be able to manage, anyway. It just shocked me a bit that you were worried about the costs when you sound pretty solvent to me! :-)

Hi There is no set limit with children and cost. But people spend fortunes on silly things. You will need car seat (if u have car) buy one that will do from birth to 4yrs or 11yrs as they grow extremely quickly. Buggy's can be used from birth and are lighter and cheaper. Plenty of shops such as Asda do baby clothes and cheaply you don't need loads mainly babygrows you will get loads of clothes as gifts!! Milk either free breastfeeding or powder find a brand and buy the biggest container. Lots of shops do deals on food 5 for �1.00 etc nappies I used to use Morrisons �17.99 for a large box they are excellant nappies just as good as pampers. Get all creams from baby's doctor free.

Hope this helps they don't need lots of money just love there are so many shops that are cheap no child need be dirty or scruffy and don't get carried away with all the latest products you will just be wasting money.

Have a great wedding and good luck

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Kids and cost?

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