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goodgoalie | 14:56 Wed 16th May 2018 | Offers & Competitions
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Anybody know what's happened to the website? All I get is a blank white screen.


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Yes - but still a blank white screen!
Strange - works fine for me .....
Link works fine here too.
What browser are you using??
Try another browser and see if it works then.
try clearing your cache/cookies, its fine for me
Question Author
Could it be something to do with my browser (Chrome) and my old operating system (Vista) ? All other websites absolutely fine.
//// Could it be something to do with my browser (Chrome) ////

Try opening the website with a different browser; then we'll know if the problem is with chrome or not :)
Blank - Firefox on Mac

OK - Safari on Mac
-- answer removed --
Are you on a public WiFi network? Perhaps it's being identified as gambling and being blocked.
Question Author
This is a real head-scratcher - still just a white screen on that website, but everything else works perfectly.
GG - try opening the web page using a different browser. That way we can work out where the problem is :)

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