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eviltwin44 | 08:31 Mon 14th May 2018 | Offers & Competitions
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still some got me stumped
(2) Have no fear there is nothing to this monster.
(10) A Tailors measure on the ear sounds like a girl.
(12) You will find here there is nothing at the end of a short day.
(13) Our relations have a ripping time here.
(14) The French enter into a Drama.
(16) You will have to depend on others to help you here.
(!7) Deep in the heart of Scotland.
(19) Sounds like a beautiful ship.
(20) WE have come to the end our vigil Amen.
Thanks in anticpation for any help


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Is there a theme?
Question Author
Sorry have just noticed I have posted in the wrong category
Question Author
towns and villages and burghs in scotland
12 Thurs(day) + 0 (nothing) = Thurso
12 Thurso
13 Kintore
17 Midlothian
13 kintore
Can you post details of where to get this quiz and closing date - as per the AB guidelines.
Question Author
most retail outlets in east calder village
thanks to all for these answers, still some to get.
Question Author
Is everyone stumped on this one

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