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marley2000 | 15:16 Thu 16th Nov 2006 | Business & Finance
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i work full time but need some extra money coz i'm going away for a month in a couple of weeks and need to feel secure that i have enough money to go with. does anyone know of any easy ways to make a spare bit of money????xxx


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what kind of thing are you thinking of?

You could sell all your unwanted stuff on ebay
Do a car boot sale on the weekends
Sell avon
apply for a homeworking job but most ask for an initial outlay sadly
cur down on non-essentials - newspapers, cigarettes, booze, nights out, the to die for new handbag in the 'Sale'!

etc etc - I wish you luck
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the problem is i've cut down on any luxuries (i miss having a social life!) and i did try to investigate about homework stuff but they all seemed to be cons. i dont know how you find out the genuine ones when they all ask for 15-30 quid in advance! :-(
Yeah, I know that feeling - Ive searched loads and loads of sites and written to lots of companies but all they seem to want is money from people silly enough to pay to work for someone. Hope I don't offend, but have you given any thought to being an adult call operator ? They offer good rates and a lot of them require any outlay? Hope I haven't offended you but this was the only kind of homework that didn't come across as a con to me.

The only other option I can think of is selling your unwanted things in someway- that's the position Im in at the mo.

Have a look on and see if there are any good tips and ideas that work for you.

Hope you get some luck xx and if you find a way, please let me know too x
You can deliver leaflets door to door. Find out which company does this in your area. You can wait until someone puts one through your door, catch up with them and find out who they work for. Or you can ask at your local free paper, because sometimes the same people who organise the distribution of free papers also do leaflets.

You'll get paid a certain amount per thousand, depending on their size and waste. You can do it at whatever time suits you (although you will scare people if you start popping leaflets through their door in the middle of the night!).

Obviously you need to be relatively fit, or at least you will get fit if you do this for a while (saves on gym fees).
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thank you so much everyone. i'm not afraid of hard work or mundane work but it's hard to know what companies to trust. Funnily enough we've tried doing car boots a couple of times and one of the times was ok but the other times we barely make back the entrance fee! i'm checking out you site now pcwork. thanku again to everyonexxx
Hi, Just for you to be aware I had details from a leaflet distributing company today and Its a lot of work for hardly any money. The one I had details from paid only �30 if you put 2 leaflets in 1000 doors - it only goes up by 2 or 3 pounds for each leaflet more you put through the letterbox.

Hope it helps x
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spent hours at work today roaming the internet for homework/surveys etc etc, didn't seem to get very far with any of them! they seem to either 1) be for americans only, not for people in the UK 2) don't seem to get anywhere, just feel in loads of details but doesn't go further 3) they only invite you to do surveys rarely so i'd have to wait 4) you have to pay a ridiculous starting fee and all sorts of other problems! what am i doing wrong?! i just want to go to a site, give whatever details and do some extra work on the net or at home and be paid for it! aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!
it is a real nightmare. I joined a few survey sites so far in 3 weeks Ive made about �1.30 something. I have searched and searched the net, local papers, tabloids and every shop window looking for an easy and free was to do this but I havent been able to find anything decent. there is one thing to do with advertising tiscali broadband that looks okay but you only earn if the people you recommend actually sign up to their broadband package.

I wish I could help you further but Im in the same boat as you and am having a nightmare. If I find anything decent though I'll definately let you know. Good luck
If there was an easy way of making money - we'd not be on this site, everyone would be rich. Hope you find something.
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im not looking for an easy way, i just want to earn a little extra not millions!
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