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Coming Upto State Pension....

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EEZABLADE32 | 15:47 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | Business & Finance
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....and wondering whether it would be better to have it paid weekly.






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yes, i did, easier to budget

It's paid every 4 weeks.

you can opt for weekly. four weekly or 12 weekly.

monthly would be a more modern alternative but it's not available

I think four-weekly is the modern way, davebro3, my employer changed us from weekly to four-weekly a while back.

Most salaries/pensions/bills are paid monthly. We had a discussion about this a couple of years ago & I was shot down in flames for suggesting OAP should/could be paid likewise.

Hey Ho...

I get pension credit and get paid weekly. Is it a different schedule to state pension? 

It's all on a weekly (or multiples of) basis - in arrears. Dates back to when workers got paid in cash weekly. (About 60/70 years ago)

pasta - I don't know the answer to your question but I do know that OAPension day is decided by your NI number; I suspect Pension Credit is the same system, although not neceesarily the same day. If you know your NI number and go on to the government website you should be able to find out what day your pensions should be paid and whether both will be paid on the dame day of the week.

Whatever you choose, they'll pay it weakly.

Best to opt for 4 weekly as most of direct debits such as utility bills, phone etc will be monthly. 

Pasta - when I helped a relative apply for pension credit there was an option to have it paid with the state pension or separately.

//Best to opt for 4 weekly as most of direct debits such as utility bills, phone etc will be monthly. //

But because it's 4-weekly it gets "out of step" with the months so you can't be sure it will be there when needed (if you're running a tight budget). To be sure it's available weekly is best - or, if it's not a big deal for you, 12 weekly. 

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Coming Upto State Pension....

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